Our Mission Statement: 

The relief, assistance and empowerment of peoples in need, in less developed areas of the world through sport & vocational training.



A note from Tracy,

Since 2005, Playing for Life has worked closely with communities in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia. We focus on the provision of schools, teaching and training of skills and trades, mainly in rural areas, where many young people do not get the opportunities to complete a full education and subsequently drift to the big city slums finding themselves in much worse conditions and many do not survive.

Time and time again, it has been proven that food security and education are essential for rising above the poverty line.  

So imagine the opportunity to gain a skill, to get a government approved certificate that allows that person to be able to set up a small enterprise, be it making beds, coffins and cupboards from a road side stall or blocklaying and building in their village.  This can generate enough income for them to support themselves and loved ones.  

We ask volunteers to travel to Africa with us and help us roll out introductory workshops in the various skills or trades the community has requested.  It is a priceless investment in their future which they grasp with both hands. It is a hand up not a hand out and this gives both the visitors and the local people a unique and wonderful insight into something they would never have experienced before.  

For the volunteers it is an opportunity to give something back, to connect on a very special level with a totally new culture and to get a real sense of giving something of themselves, something incredibly valuable, worthwhile and life changing.  Through sport and play, Playing for Life also helps to educate youngsters about the dangers and social myths and taboos surrounding Hiv/AIDS. Using sport as a medium to get messages across, we have found that the children participate on a much more positive level, really 'take in' and open up about the issues we address.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and look at our website.



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